Guest Post: Jump-start a Team Approach with Your Nonprofit Board

Professional fundraisers will agree that a customized training is a fantastic way for a nonprofit organization to get the board and staff motivated. Typically nonprofit board members are intelligent and accomplished members of our communities who are selected for their expertise. That’s the good news. That’s also the bad news.  Good, because they are well-respected… Read More »

German American School of Portland Spring Fundraiser

Nonprofit Auction: German American School of Portland

Nonprofit Auction: German American School of Portland The German American School of Portland 2014 nonprofit auction was a trendy success and the school threw an evening full of Portlandia fun. They raised funds to provide an excellent education for children preschool through 5th grade; including a curriculum where students develop and maintain fluency in both German and English languages. For the first time ever, the… Read More »

Greater Giving CoSchedule

CoSchedule Shout Out

Here at Greater Giving, we love CoSchedule:   Greater Giving adopted CoSchedule, a drag-and-drop editorial calendar for WordPress, in May 2014 for the launch of our brand new fundraising blog for nonprofits. CoSchedule schedules blog posts with your team and automatically sends messages to your social networks. Among other WordPress-friendly, blog editorial calendars, we chose… Read More »

Auction Math

Auction math works for every auction size, makes your planning easier, and reduces auction committee stress. Once you understand what’s required for a successful auction—one that meets or exceeds its revenue goal—it’s simple to set your procurement goals and define your event budget. The first step is to know your revenue goal. Every auction math… Read More »

June Blog Digest Top Stories

June Blog Digest’s Top Posts:   Training Your Volunteers for Event Night Success Make the best use of those amazing volunteers—and retain them for years—with these three tips to use when training your volunteers. Guest Post: Make Money Out of Thin Air – Ultimate Fundraising Auction Items Think about what auction items you can add… Read More »

Training Your Volunteers for Event Night Success

Make the best use of your amazing volunteers—and retain them for years—with these three tips to use when training your volunteers. Volunteers are an invaluable and indispensable resource to your non-profit organization. They believe in your organization’s cause, and they’re committed to turning the mission into a reality. It’s important to get behind the eyes of your volunteers to truly understand… Read More »

Guest Post: 4 Simple Strategies to Keep Fundraising Events Fresh

Donor retention is an essential part of nonprofit fundraising. Unfortunately, keeping donors interested and supporting a mission is also one of the biggest challenges nonprofits face. If you’re losing donors year after year, or are affected by the dreaded “donor fatigue”, it might have something to do with your fundraising events. Are you hosting new, exciting fundraising… Read More »

Nonprofit Social Media Wrap

Social Media Wrap: May 2014

In this month’s Social Media Wrap,many of our top social media posts hit an audience nerve: bringing simple science to your live and silent auctions to make the most fundraising dollars from each auction package.     We had a guest post this month by Winspire, discussing how to get the most mileage out of… Read More »